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  1. What is the difference between a coin and a token?

    The biggest difference is the presence of its own mainnet and the hassle of having to pay a fee with a coin on the mainnet that borrows technology on the exchange or in the transmission between individuals. 

  2. What is the difference between virtual money and cryptocurrency?

    [virtual money]

    A kind of digital currency that is not controlled by the government, issued and managed by developers and accepted only by certain virtual communities (from the European Central Bank, the U.S. Treasury, and the European Banking Supervisory Service).

    1) Not controlled by the government
    2) Developers issue and manage it.
    3) Works only in a specific virtual community

    There are three characteristics. Example is the virtual acorns that are only available in Cyworld, points and e-money that are only available on certain sites. What about Bitcoin? It's hard to call it virtual money because it's not only used in certain virtual communities. However, some of the cryptocurrency may only be used in certain virtual communities, so it can be seen as virtual money. But virtual money is like encryption money? The answer to this, "Some of them are right.”


    Encrypted digital currency not controlled by the government
    Encryption, not controlled by the government, is the key. This section is missing, which is only available in certain virtual communities, and encryption has been added.
    Encrypted digital currency is called cryptocurrency. Most blockchain-related tokens and coins are cryptocurrency.
    That's why it's not right to talk about Bitcoin, Etherium, as virtual money, and it's called cryptocurrency.

  3. What are GOLDT and GOLDTX?

    1. GOLDT Coins.

    GOLDT coin is not the same structure as common encryption in background. Not only is the consensus protocol used independent, but it's also realistically centralizing the initiative, unlike other co-workers. Therefore, GOLDT Coin's systems are sometimes called private blockchain, meaning that only a limited number of participants form a distributed network.
    GOLDT coin also serves as a key currency in the UDAX exchange, which has established a global network of exchanges around the world, so it can trade rare currencies with low demand in the cryptocurrency market. This is because complex trading processes are unnecessary and no additional costs are incurred.

    The GOLDT is fixed at the weight of 0.01 grams of real money per coin, and the value moves in conjunction with the international money market.
    The GOLDT platform is designed to enable members to acquire, control and manage information themselves.
    GOLDT Coins can be acquired on the Cryptocurrency Exchange, but can also be purchased on GOLDTX within the GOLDT platform. GOLDT will be listed on the main bourse and become a current asset. It will also provide all GOLDT members with equal access to information and opportunities for trading, and play an important role as a Stable Coin in the global cryptocurrency market.

    2. GOLDTX Coins

    GOLDTX Coin is a digital asset and a distribution code currency used by GOLDT's main net, GOLDT's Protocol. GOLDTX Coins can make real-time payments based on the distributed ledger called GOLDT Protocol and can be sent quickly within the GOLDT mainnet platform, enabling innovative real-time call transactions.

    GOLDTX coins (GOLDTX) are utility bills that are interrelated with GOLDT coins (GOLDT) and are issued at one-hundredth of the price of GOLDT coins (GOLDT). The GOLDTX coin will then not be associated with any asset price and will be formed on the cryptocurrency exchange. As a utility coin, the GOLDTX Coin will play a pivotal role in maintaining and boosting the ecosystem built through the GOLDT project. 

  4. What's the difference between GOLDT and GOLDTX?

    GOLDT, which is currently used as the base currency of UDAX, is a stable coin that the price is tied to the gold price of the International Gold Exchange, and GOLDTX is a utility coin that forms and moves the price at the market price of the exchange. 

  5. How do we trade GOLDT and GOLDTX?

    The distribution structure of the cryptocurrency is centered on the exchange. Starting with the Coinbit Exchange ( and the UDAX Exchange (, GOLDTX will be listed and distributed on several exchanges, and the coins you have in your wallet will be peer to peer (P2P) for personal transactions. 

  6. How can I purchase GOLDT and GOLDTX?

    Currently, GOLDTX can be purchased from Coinbit-Exchange store, and also from the foundation as BLOCK SALE. In this regard, please contact and our professional counselor will kindly guide you. 

  7. Can I exchange it for real gold?

    The coin you can exchange for gold is GOLDT. GOLDT is worth 0.01 gram of gold per coin. The holders of the GOLDT coin will undergo a 10 month LOCKED UP period after the coin purchase. This is for the purpose of preventing speculation and stable operation of the reserve ratio for GOLDT Coins, which are linked with the international gold market price and coin price, which is cheaper than wholesale price of coins. 

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