GOLD-T Wallet Install Guide
GOLD-T Wallet Install Guide
  • 1. Start Google Play Store App
    2. Search GOLDTx Wallet
    3. Install the App-GOLDTx Wallet

  • 4. Run the installed the
    App-GOLDTx Wallet and
    Click Sign Up
  • 5. Sign up for membership
    (Enter the email you're using
    for your ID)

  • 6. Complete membership registration

  • 7. Log in and click the menu
  • 8. Click the wallet icon on the menu
  • 9. Create GOLDT & GOLDTX Address
  • 10. Confirm Address
GOLDTx Wallet Download
GOLDTx Wallet is an easy and quick e-wallet for trading GOLDT Coin and COLDTX Coin.
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