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Global Gold Standard Cryptocurrency GOLDT can be easily traded anywhere in the world.
Trust. Treasure. Trade.
    GOLDT is opening a new golden business based on blockchain technology.
  • GOLD
    GOLDT is an alternative means of holding physical money. Trade your gold safely and easily
    GOLDTX is the standard cryptocurrency for precious metals trading.
    GOLDTX is available anywhere in the world.
The actual use and future of GoldT&GoldTx are clearly presented through structuralizing the GoldT&GoldTx ecosystem and granting scalability.

More than 2,000 crypto currencies are currently registered and being traded around the world. Most crypto currency transactions, such as Bitcoin, are maintained and traded without a real use. We believe that the crypto currency that is actually used will ultimately dominate the market.

Past cases of coins listed on the exchange soaring dozens of times, which are likely to be used in real life, confirm our beliefs.

Now, the crypto currency of a demonstrative coin is considered to be ‘meaningful and worthy of investment’.

GoldT&GoldTx was developed with a specific business model for use in the real world right after release. This is fundamentally different from other new crypto currencies that are focused only on being traded on the exchange.

We will apply GoldT&GoldTx to the real world, and contribute to the development and modification of blockchain technology.
GOLDT Roadmap
GOLDT creates a new ecosystem of gold and precious metals.
  • PHASE 1
    System Open Ver 1.0
    1st presale
    ICO / IEO

  • PHASE 2
    2nd presale
    Opened precious metal direct exchange
    Expanded the plaza and smelter
    System Open Ver 2.0
    Domestic Exchange ICO
  • PHASE 3
    Establishment of asset management company
    Opening of the Golden Museum
    Opened Golden Stone Auction House (on / offline)
    MainNet Off Ver 3.0
  • PHASE 4
    Expanded store of precious metals
    Merchant opening
    Opened futures asset management

GOLDT Challenge
Experience the new golden economy of the GOLDT Foundation.
Construction of beneficiation facilities and expansion of smelting facilities
The presence of beneficiation facilities in the mining tunnel and the shortest distance of the gold mine can reduce the primary beneficiation cost and logistics costs in the gold production process, and also generate additional profits when processing the stones from the beneficiation process into construction materials.
Golden Senior Auction Project and Golden Museum Erected
The golden chief refers to a gold mineral ore with a certain amount of gold and is artistic. Currently, it is the only domestic mine that can be mined only at Jinshan mine.
Introducing the Gold Korean Wave that the Gold Foundation will make.
  • Gold ore
    The generic term for ore containing natural gold can be produced from rock mining rather than gold mining or general mining.
    The quartz vein in the Paleozoic layer contains mainly gold, and there is always a silver component in volcanic rocks, so it is called gold ore.
  • Golden Stone
    The location of the gold mine should be the place where quartz veins develop in the high dynasty, such as the Cretaceous period, and the quartz-like veins that exist in the magma at the latest in magma exist, and the broad band of quartz porphyry has to be distributed. You’ll find a nice, high-quality golden stone.
  • Golden Stone Auction
    We will operate the world’s first Golden Senior International Auction Center.
    Since Golden Stone is produced only by GOLDT Co., Ltd., it is operated by GOLDT Co., Ltd. independently.
  • Art Auction
    The world’s interest in Korean artwork and artists is growing.
    The works of the artists sponsored by GOLDT will be promoted to the international auction market with the Golden Stone.
  • Golden discount sale
    If you sell gold at a discount, the whole world will be excited by Asian tourists.
    The discounted amount alone is enough to cover the cost of sightseeing in Korea.
  • Precious Metals Shopping Center
    We operate additional domestic and international precious metal shopping centers, which can be purchased with GOLDT and GOLDTX, to create additional revenue including tourism.
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