Precious metal Trading Standard Cryptocurrency GOLDTX
GOLDT guarantees 50% of the initial issue price.
GOLDT Exchange Coin
GOLDT, a real gold-linked cryptocurrency, secures 50% of the initial issue price of GOLDTX
GOLDTX is GOLDT's secondary cryptocurrency.
20 issued GOLDTX can be exchanged for 1 GOLDT.
GOLDTX will be issued at the 1 / 10th GOLDT price.
GOLDTX Economy
GOLDTX is a Mainnet based precious metals distribution settlement coin.
  • Economic Value Coin
    1/10 the value of GOLDT
  • Paymentable Coin
    Actually Available Distribution Payment Coins
  • Rare Coin
    Increased value due to scarcity of cryptocurrency quantity by incineration when GOLDTX payment is completed
GOLDTX feature
With GOLDTX, you can trade precious metals in major countries around the world.
Purpose and purpose of publication
Pay a certain amount of airdrops to GOLDT buyers as a secondary cryptocurrency to promote the spread of GOLDT's dissemination
Major payment coins for business platform to be built by GOLDT Foundation such as travel and shopping
Means of payment in the Golden Museum business and precious metals distribution business
Deal Price Stabilizer
Exchangeable with 1 GOLDT, a real gold-linked cryptocurrency per 20 GOLDTX
GOLDTX exchanged for GOLDT is incinerated immediately after exchange without realizing that its value has already been transferred to real gold.
Criteria and Quantity of Coins
Initial issue price is 1/10 of GOLDT price issued at the rate of 1 per 0.01g of real gold
The price circulated after the initial issue is the actual price traded between the cryptocurrency exchange or its holders.
Listing and infrastructure with GOLDT
GOLDTX is listed on UDAX's international cryptocurrency exchanges as well as GOLDT's listing
Promote listing on the global cryptocurrency exchange for easy trading and distribution of GOLDTX
Support P2P GOLDTX trading through “GOLDT Specialty Exchange”
GOLDTx Wallet Download
GOLDTx Wallet is an easy and quick e-wallet for trading GOLDT Coin and COLDTX Coin.
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