Global Gold Standard Cryptocurrency GOLDT
It is linked with 0.01g of real gold for each issued gold.
To do this, the GOLDT Foundation deposits a physical deposit with a reputable bank to prepare payments.
Global Gold Trading Standard Cryptocurrency
Interlocking with 0.01 g of real gold per GOLDT issued
Deposit physical gold in preparation for payment to a reputable bank
GOLDT price is based on “London Gold Exchange”
GOLDT is used the same as gold.
  • Physical gold alternative holding means
    If you hold gold as an asset, replace it with the cryptocurrency GOLDT instead of holding the real gold.
  • Physical gold money
    Easy and easy trading by trading with GOLDT without the need to transfer physical gold
  • Application service payment method
    Used as a payment method for auctions such as golden chief and gold-related valuable auctions, which are application services of GTBC system
GOLDT function
GOLDT is a blockchain-based global gold standard cryptocurrency that can be purchased freely at an economical price, increasing the portability and liquidity of gold without the risk of theft.
GOLDT is easy to move gold without the risk of theft.
One GOLDT is worth holding 0.01 g of real gold.
It is developed with blockchain technology based on Mainnet to purchase and store more economically than real gold.
GOLDT is given an individual unique number for each coin, which has a digital certificate effect and is free from the risk of loss.
  • Global
    GOLDT and GOLDTX are global cryptocurrencies that can be traded anywhere in the world.
  • Economy
    It can be purchased more economically than physical gold and maximizes portability and liquidity.
  • Stable
    One GOLDT is interlocked with 0.01 g of gold.
    The value of GOLDTX is backed by GOLDT.
  • Scalable
    With GOLDT and GOLDTX, you can trade gold and precious metals anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile
    You can trade GOLDT and GOLDTX using your smartphone anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure
    The unique number for each coin is the same as the digital certificate.
    Safe from risk of loss
GOLDTx Wallet Download
GOLDTx Wallet is an easy and quick e-wallet for trading GOLDT Coin and COLDTX Coin.
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