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Cryptocurrency holders buy ‘this‘ the most, not drugs.

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작성일 2020-04-22 15:41


"Where is the most commonly used cryptocurrency?"

In response to the above question, "experienced" and "non-experienced" answers to cryptocurrency use were divided into two categories. People who have used cryptocurrency answered, "We usually use cryptocurrency to buy common products such as food and clothing." On the other hand, the non-experienced predicted that it would be "used for criminal charges such as drug trafficking," showing a clear temperature difference.

Visual Object, a Washington-based research firm, conducted a survey of 983 people whom are familiar with digital currency. The 983 people included 121 experienced people who had used cryptocurrency to purchase goods. Among the respondents, 54 percent were women and 46 percent were men. In the age group, 44 percent were aged 18-34, 35 percent were aged 35-54, and 22 percent were aged 55 or older.

"Where do people usually use cryptocurrency?"

Respondents to the above question predicted that it would be most used for "token transactions (40 percent)." Illegal transactions followed with 30 percent, according to the report. Clothing and food received 15 percent and 14 percent of the votes, respectively. Later, when a separate survey was conducted on 121 people who had purchased goods with cryptocurrency, a completely different answer came out.

"What did people actually buy with cryptocurrency?"

Those who have purchased goods using cryptocurrency were found to have used cryptocurrency in the order of food (38%), clothing (34%), token/trade (29%), gold (21%), firearms (15%), and drugs (11%). "More than a quarter of the respondents who owned cryptocurrency have experience of buying food," the Visual Object said and also said "The perception that most cryptocurrency is being used for illegal transactions is wrong."

The Visual Object predicted that more mainstream companies will accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment in the future thanks to the change in perception. "Only some wholesale and retail companies are currently using cryptocurrency," the Visual Object said. "If more companies start to recognize cryptocurrency in the future, legal use will increase."


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